Truck sales rise 13% in August

Having posted an 8 per cent growth in July after almost a year, truck sales (including multi-axletrailers) increased by 13 per cent to 17,549 units in August compared to the same period last year, according to the Indian Foundation of Transport Research and Training (IFTRT).

Truck sales were down 38.22 per cent, 55.02 per cent and 62.50 per cent during April-June 2009, January-March 2009 and October-December 2008 quarters.

According to IFTRT, for the first time since the crash in October, the heavy multi-axle vehicles segment (25.2-31 tonnes), the industry growth-engine in terms of both value and volume, posted a marginal growth in sales at 0.53 per cent. Sales of medium commercial vehicles (15-16.2 tonne) continue to be lower than last year.

The performance would have been better but for a sharp decline in sales of tipper trucks — used by the construction industry — in both MCV and HCV category. Compared to August 2008, sales of tipper trucks were down by 17 per cent in the HCV segment and 47 per cent in the MCV segment respectively.

“Drop in construction activity has led to a sharp decline in tipper truck sales,” Mr S. P. Singh, co-ordinator of IFTRT, told Business Line.

On the brighter side, sales of cargo trucks in both MCV and HCV segments remained on the growth path for the second consecutive month. Sales of MCV cargo trucks — used mostly in hilly areas — grew nearly 53 per cent from 1,661 units to 2,536 units in August. Sales of the 25.2-31-tonne heavy cargo truck — the country’s main cargo mover — increased by close to 6 per cent to 5,148 units last month.

According to Mr Singh, the turnaround of the heavy truck segment may benefit Tata Motors the most.

“The 25.2 Tata Turbo-charged truck has caught the fancy of truck operators due to its higher fuel efficiency of 4-4.5 km a litre. We expect Tata Motors to grow faster than the industry in this segment,” Mr Singh said. The company is also a clear leader in the LCV truck segment riding on ‘Ace’.

Meanwhile a clampdown on overloading by Rajasthan Government is fuelling sales growth of heavy multi-axle trailer trucks (30-49 tonne). Used in transporting high density cargo such as cement, marble and minerals, sales of these vehicles have increased by 91 per cent to 1,626 units in August.

Interestingly enough, Mr Singh feels that truck sales may post a decline this month due to higher base in September 2008. “In an effort to push their quarterly sales, automakers pushed record number of vehicles to dealers in September 2008. While this has boosted their numbers, the dealers were burdened with high inventory and hardly placed orders in October 2008,” he said.

The Mack Bulldog arrives in Greensboro

Mack Trucks officially opened its new world headquarters on National Service Road in Greensboro, NC, during a ceremony last week.

“Today begins a new chapter in Mack’s long and illustrious history,” said Dennis Slagle, Mack president & CEO. “We have a 109-year tradition of success, forged by excellent people and products, and that tradition will continue to grow here in North Carolina. The state and local area have welcomed Mack with open arms, and we look forward to becoming part of this community.”

Antique Mack trucks joined their present-day counterparts as part of the ceremony, which included tours of the new headquarters and presentations on the company’s history. The building will be identified easily by the eight-foot-tall gold statue of the Mack Bulldog out front. There is also a retail store open to the public for Mack merchandise.

The headquarters move to Greensboro is part of efforts by Mack’s parent company, Sweden’s Volvo Group, to improve efficiency. Mack will be able to take advantage of coordinated human resources, information technology, financial services and logistics already based in Greensboro as part of the Volvo Group, which is also the parent of Volvo Trucks North America.

“Establishing Mack World Headquarters here in Greensboro alongside our support organizations will make us a more efficient, agile, and cost-effective organization in almost every aspect of our business, from product development to aftermarket support,” Slagle said. “It further positions us for long-term growth and industry leadership.”

Buying Stylish Trucks For Promoting Your Business

Many people imagine trucks to be very large and huge. This is not always the case. Today you can find many different types of trucks and they feature new comforts and stylish looks that are usually associated with trucks. To help people make the change from looking at big trucks to stylish trucks concept trucks were designed.

These concept trucks are designed so that they will appeal to the likes of everyone. Some of the trucks you see in the market are one like pick-up trucks, SUVs, heavy duty truck, medium duty truck etc. While these don’t fit the image one has of trucks these trucks have been given an revamp to their image.

A semi truck is also known as tractor-trailer or articulated lorry. An articulated truck or lorry consisting of a towing engine and a semi-trailer that carries the freight.

Colloquial terms for semi-trailer truck include truck and trailer, transfer truck, 18-wheeler, semi, Diesel, Mack truck.

The heavy duty trucks are known to be powerful. They are built with heavy duty engines with a lot of power hence they are called heavy duty trucks.

These heavy duty trucks or semi trucks are available with the truck dealers. There are various reputed brands that offer these trucks for same like Ford, Hummer, etc. you can buy these trucks directly from the Ford showroom or from the dealer. Ford is reputed brand in the automobile industry. With the growing demand for used trucks these dealers have also started displaying used ford trucks for sale.

Because of their exorbitant prices many businessman prefer to buy pre owned trucks which are available in good conditions. These used heavy duty trucks are also available with the dealers for sale. You can select the truck and compare its prices with the new ones to help you take your decision.

As trucks are used for transportation or construction purposes there are chances of wear and tear. You need to verify the quality of the truck physically and mechanically before buying a used truck.

There are many owners who advertise in the newspapers regarding the sale of used trucks. You can also take the help of internet to locate various dealers or owners who wish to sell their used trucks for sale. This is the fastest way of deriving information regarding the trucks and their models and comparing the prices sitting at the comfort of your home.

There are various finance schemes also available for buying pre used trucks. There are various finance companies who have tied up with dealers and they offer various payment options to suit your budget. You need to be sure that you do not pay a higher rate of interest just to derive a delayed payment option.

The financing company provides used truck financing to the businessmen at low interest rates. The buyer needs to specify the vendor or dealer they want to purchase from. The financing company would provide financing directly to that vendor. Hence the buyer can get the vehicle immediately.

Buying Used Trucks From Truck Dealers Online

Like many other people currently searching the Internet for trucks for sale, you are trying to find the best deal possible. Whether you are looking for just any type of truck or for Mack trucks for sale or for used dump trucks for sale, you are bound to find what you need as the Internet is the place to find what you are looking for.

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The general, a used semi truck is not bad at all if you can get on a lot. It can save you even more money that you can use for any repairs needed. Moreover used semi trucks are usually advised when the new truck drivers, so they don ‘t get overwhelmed and still trying to establish their names in the freight.

Deciding on whether to invest in a new or used truck can be a relative and subjective task. Regardless of your personal preferences, it is still very important to carefully assess the pros and cons of your choice for making your final decision.

Chevy S10: The Performance Packed Pickup

Chevrolet truck has particularly given attention to the power and performance of this pickup to match the standards of other pickups from Mazda truck, Ford truck and Toyota truck. The vehicle has evolved beyond all and still it is affordable. They indeed deserve their boasting of matching their engine performance with Porsche 911 and Dodge Viper and other exotics.

This is a practical vehicle with nearly twice the trunk space compared to convertibles and to hard top models. You can have both the regular and extended cab models of Chevy S10. But thing which matters the most is the engine of the vehicle. After all it has to match the towing power and off road capabilities.

Drivers’ Delight:
Chevy S10 truck comes in different trims like the base S10, LS, S-10 ZR2, Crew cab, Xtreme, and S10 ZR5. All these trims give a variety of choice to pick your truck with options of facilities you want. But when it comes to engine you have only two options to choose from the Vortec engines. Besides that the transmission are available in both manual and automatic modes. You also have the choice of power in regards to 2 wheel-drives and 4 wheel-drives.

All the trims of Chevy S10 engine are available with two Chevy S10 engines makes – one is the Vortec 2200 four cylinder engine and the other one is the Vortec 4300 V6 engine. Both these engines give you dependable power you need to two the truck with load.

The Vortec 4300 V6 engines
comes with 250 pounds per foot of torque at 2800 rpm, and 190 horsepower at 4400rpm. This is the most powerful engine of this model. The driver would be enthralled with its acceleration, drag power and pick up. Whereas the other Vortec 2200 four-cylinder with 120 horsepower at 5000 rpm and 140 pound feet torque at the rate of 3600 rpm is not that bad. This engine too can carry on with the loads easily but cannot manage to give you the excellence which you can get from the V6 engine.

Nevertheless this vehicle has the Vortec Chevy S10 engine
which can offer you a good and reasonable mileage for all the trims. The 2200 four cylinder engine can give more miles per gallon than the V6 engine. Overall the pickup is a good vehicle to choose because the new Chevy is much better than the previous models.